Going on holiday with children is a pleasure, I find – and I say that as a mother of a six year-old daughter! That is why it has been our pleasure to make Il Gioco del’Oca as friendly for your child as possible.

We have rooms that give directly onto the garden, where there is a lovely play area.

We can offer you a dedicated mother’s bathroom, with nappy changing facilities, small baths and chairs, child-sized beds and cots, so that the whole family can feel at home. Guests are also welcome to use the laundry facilities at any time, just as our kitchen is also at their disposal, day or night.

Should you need a baby-sitter, we can provide one.

We have not put no limits on our breakfast hours, knowing how flexible one needs to be with children, and in the afternoon, at tea time, there are home-made cakes to be had!

We are proud to be able to offer a cosy atmosphere, where parents and children can feel relaxed.

Should you want a child-friendly itinerary, we can help with that: there are museums, natural parks and wonderful walks through the vineyards, all within easy reach of our agriturismo!

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